Dragon Mania Legends Breeding Combinations for All Dragons


The most important aspect of the Dragon Mania Legends dragon game from Gameloft is breeding the most uncommon dragons and taking them to battle. In this short article, we will be showing you the best possible combinations to use in breeding your dragons for the Dragon Mania Legends game.  These combinations will help you know exactly what you have to do to get all the dragons the game has to offer. Simply follow this blog post or visit the Dragon Mania Legends Cheats Website to learn more.


Typically, the idea behind dragons breeding in the Dragon Mania Legends is very straightforward. All you have to do is check out elements needed for the particular dragon you want to breed and then make use of the dragons that have all these elements. Dragon elements are shown when you want to start the breeding process. You have to make certain you have the correct order of the elements you need to breed your dragons to avoid getting another dragon in place what you really want. For instance, if you want to get a Smoke Dragon, you will have to breed a Wind and then a Fire Dragon. If you change the order and breed a Fire and then a Wind Dragon, you will a Bee Dragon instead.


Here are the breeding combinations for all dragons:


  • Brick: Energy, Earth
  • Armored: Metal, Earth
  • Alien: Void, Metal, Plant
  • Agave: Fire, Water, Plant
  • Boiling Dragon: Fire & Water
  • Blueflame Dragon: Water, Void, Fire
  • Black Armor: Earth, Wind & Metal
  • Bee Dragon: Fire & Wind
  • Banana Dragon: Plant, Water, Energy
  • Aurora: Metal, Energy, Void
  • Witch: Energy, Void
  • War: Metal, Fire
  • Venom: Plant, Metal
  • UV: Metal, Energy
  • Tribal: Fire, Earth & Wind
  • Tree: Earth, Plant
  • Toxic: Plant, Energy, Void
  • Tornado: Wind, Metal
  • Tiger Dragon: Energy, Plant, Fire
  • Tesla: Energy, Metal
  • Swamp: Void, Earth, Plant
  • Sunflower: Fire, Plant
  • Storm: Energy, Wind, Void
  • Snow: Water & Earth
  • Smoke Dragon: Wind & Fire
  • Shard: Void, Metal
  • Seed: Wind, Plant
  • Salamander Dragon: Fire & Earth
  • Rust: Metal, Water & Earth
  • Ruby Dragon: Earth, Energy, Fire
  • Regal: Wind, Metal, Water
  • Razor: Metal, Wind
  • Rainbow: Energy, Water
  • Rain: Water, Void
  • Prickly: Void, Plant
  • Plasma: Fire, Energy
  • Orange: Fire, Leaf, Earth
  • Nightshade: Plant, Void
  • Mud: Earth & Water
  • Mist: Void, Wind
  • Minotaur: Earth, Metal
  • Meteor: Energy, Fire
  • Mercury: Metal, Water
  • Melon: Water, Plant
  • Magnet: Earth, Void
  • Lumino: Fire, Void
  • Lightning: Energy, Wind
  • Leaf: Plant, Wind
  • Lava Dragon: Earth & Fire
  • Jelly: Void, Energy, Water
  • Jaws: Void, Water
  • Ironcast: Metal, Fire, Energy
  • Ice Dragon: Wind & Water
  • Honey: Plant, Energy
  • Golden Crow Dragon: Energy, Metal, Plant
  • Geyser: Fire, Water, Energy
  • Geiger: Earth, Energy
  • Emerald Dragon: Plant, Energy, Earth
  • Elemental: Earth, Water, Fire
  • Eel: Water, Energy
  • Dust Dragon: Wind & Earth
  • Dracula: Void, Metal, Wind
  • Doom: Void, Energy
  • Cyborg: Metal, Plant
  • Coral: Metal, Plant, Water
  • Clownfist: Water, Earth, Wind
  • Cloud: Water & Winds
  • Clay: Earth, Water, Energy
  • Candy: Plant, Water


There you have it! – all the breeding combinations for all dragons in the Dragon Mania Legends. If you want the dragons, then go get them!


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